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According to the Internal Revenue Service, an astonishing $9 billion is paid out every year in alimony payments. While that is certainly an eye-popping figure, it obscures the fact that there really are no standard guidelines or set legal formulas for determining individual alimony payments.

In other words, fighting for the alimony you wish to receive — or, conversely, the alimony amount you feel you should pay – is a difficult legal process involving each spouse’s income, needs, the length of the marriage, future earnings potential and many other factors. Judges are afforded wide leeway in determining spousal support, which makes these cases especially tricky to navigate.

That’s why the right spousal support attorney is crucial for securing the best settlement for you.

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If you are involved in a spousal support case in Fullerton, Brea or LaHabra, you need to reach out to the Law Offices of William A. Hinz, APC. Our three decades of experience with family law and spousal support cases gives us the knowledge and resources to fight for our clients. Moreover, we know that spousal support is not only about your current needs; it’s about your future security and well-being.

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