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There are many myths regarding a prenuptial agreement. Among them is that they are only for the very wealthy. Not true. A prenup can protect both spouses in a variety of ways even if they are not rich. For instance, it can prevent a small business you own from being considered a marital asset – thus preventing a forced sale of your company in case of divorce. For artists or even inventors, a prenup can protect your intellectual property rights.

Prenups are tricky contracts to negotiate and execute, and, of course, they are often wrapped up in emotion. For years, residents of LaHabra, Fullerton and Brea have relied upon the prenuptial attorneys at the Law Offices of William A. Hinz, APC, to educate them about this process and look after their financial and emotional well-being.

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For decades, the Law Offices of William A. Hinz, APC, has helped countless clients execute prenuptial agreements that have given them peace of mind throughout their marriage – and protected their property, assets and rights in cases of divorce. We are the go-to prenuptial attorneys in Orange County. Our sterling reputation speaks for itself.

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We understand the delicacy and discretion involved with these types of contracts and we are happy to educate both parties about all the legalities and benefits of having a prenuptial agreement. Remember: no one regrets having a prenup; sadly, many people regret not having gotten one. Don’t be one of them! Reach out to the Law Offices of William A. Hinz, APC, today! Why not let us put our insights and expertise to work for you?